Eva Sonaike for Swoon Editions

Eva Sonaike for Swoon Editions

This is a very special week for us here at Eva Sonaike. We are halfway though my birthday month, spring is in full swing and we are super excited about our Lagos launch at Temple Muse next week.

And we are especially proud to announce our collaboration with Swoon Editions, who launched an exclusive edition of their Marley stool covered in our green Wewe fabric earlier this week.

Swoon Editions's mission is simple. It is about getting beautifully crafted furniture from the workshop floor straight to its customers at an exceptional price. Do't we all love this?

Our green Wewe fabric with its vibrant leaf print is perfect for spring. Inspired by a trip to the Aburi botanical gardens in Ghana I did a few years ago, the print embodies the intensity of the lush vegetation and colourful florals capturing its essence in a single glance. The fabric is a perfect match for the smooth and slightly tapered mango wood legs of the Marley stool that nestles below, showcasing just how irresistible eclectic style can be. A small piece, that makes a great impact!


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